North Star in Ithaca

North Star in Ithaca

My favorite black bean and mushroom burger at Northstar in Ithaca, NY.

I love this locavore gastropub Northstar in Ithaca not only because the food is fresh and fabulous, they are committed to local food. I am quite the carnivore but this is one of the few places I am more than delighted to have a vegetarian meal because of all the local tasty options. At dinner on Thursday I had the buffalo tofu wings, the basket of fries,the black bean and portobello burger with local cheddar cheese and I finished my meal off with espresso creme caramel. It was all delicious. I always have a hard time deciding because I also love the garlic beef burger and and the bread pudding.I hope to be back later this summer for brunch!

fries and dipping sauces

Northstar has a commitment to local meat and produce within 100 miles.


If you can’t get to Northstar and Ithaca, and are craving a bean burger, do try


5 thoughts on “North Star in Ithaca

  1. I think their House Soup (curried collard greens and coconut w/ rice) and the veggie stroganoff are maybe my favorite things on the menu, and you know I’m a major carnivore, too!

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