Yes, I am a carnivore!

Street Eats Roast Beef Melt

Street Eats Roast Beef Melt

And when I want a meaty sandwich or some comfort food, I head to Steve’s Street Eats.

I loved Street Eats food truck last summer but I really like having a storefront to go to on a rainy day like today. This was probably my third trip to Street Eats this year since they have moved to 989 James Street. The space is small and comfy, and I always anticipate what the lovely menu might entail.


Today I had the Street Eats Roast Beef melt and Laurie had Galveston Melt (Turkey with bacon, Muenster cheese and guacamole). The Street Eats Roast Beef Melt consists of Angus beef with melted Swiss cheese, horseradish sauce, caramelized onions and tomato jam. The tomato jam is generous, and the Angus beef is warm and fresh.  I could have had a bit more cheese and horseradish, but that being said I was extremely satisfied with this abundant sandwich.

What we both loved about our sandwiches was the bread tasted homemade and fresh, and the meat tasted like it was off the bone rather than brought in from an outside deli. We both really enjoyed these warm toasty sandwiches on such a cold and rainy day! My only regret was that I didn’t order a cherry chocolate cupcake before they sold out.


Steve updates his menu at least weekly, and you can follow him here:


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Next up: brunching my way through Brooklyn (please post your recs) and great eats at Syracuse’s Funky Flea.


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