Sometimes it’s the little things: the browniewich

Byrne DairyThis weekend was filled with delicious treats. I did make it to the Funky Flea in Syracuse but I didn’t last very long in the 90 degree heat. I had really tasty chicken tacos from the Street Eats food truck and then I took shelter at Gannon’s downtown. I was afraid my ice cream might melt if I stayed outside. Saturday was filled with lots of tasty treats. But my weekend ended with a surprise when my friend Kelly brought me ice cream sandwiches from our local Byrne dairy. She knows that ice cream sandwiches are my favorite summer treat.Right now my freezer is filled with Klondike Oreo ice cream sandwiches, Cia Bella’s Smores and Key lime pie ice cream sandwiches, and also half a Target chocolate mint ice cream sandwich. My favorite ice cream sandwiches are usually the ones that I make with homemade chocolate shortbread (using Dorie Greenspan’s recipe)  and Talenti sea salt gelato. But this browniewich was a welcome treat!

The Browniewich from Byrne dairy can be found at most local Byrne dairy markets.

The Browniewich

The Browniewich

This is no regular ice cream sandwich. This is 2 brownies sandwiched together with locally made vanilla ice cream. If you love brownies, this could be your perfect summer treat.The brownie is chocolatey and chewy and the ice cream is light and creamy.

What is your favorite ice cream sandwich? I would love to know!

creamy and chewyIn case, you want to try baking my favorite chocolate cookie.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things: the browniewich

  1. I take the diabetic approach to ice cream sandwich by putting a little vanilla ice cream between two of the Wegman’s mini chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Problem is I tend to make three sandwiches, and that’s not much of a carbs saving. And then I eat a little more ice cream straight out of the tub. Don’t tell my doc.

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