Tastes like summer: the lobster roll

What tastes like summer to you?
Ice cream, watermelon, milkshakes, peach pie?
Can we reconsider the lobster roll?

The light and delicious lobster roll

The light and delicious lobster roll

Though we live quite a bit away from Maine, we’re lucky enough to get lobster rolls in the summer at Darwin’s.

These lobster rolls taste fresh, light and delicious.

A taste of summer

A taste of summer

The lightly  dressed lobster is tossed with herbed mayo and celery and sits on top of a  toasted hoagie bun brushed with garlic butter.

Even this bun was delicious and buttery.

I'll have an extra toasted roll with my lobster, please.

What could be better on a sunny day?

cool, creamy and delicious

And if you aren’t in Syracuse this summer check out Food& Wine’s lists of best lobster roll.

Or try making your own with Bon Appetit’s recipe.

What tastes like summer to you? I’d love to know!

Check back next week when I head to Saratoga Springs, NY for more summer favorites.


10 thoughts on “Tastes like summer: the lobster roll

  1. I LOVE lobster rolls and that looks DELICIOUS! I’ve been meaning to check out Darwin’s – now I have even more reason 🙂

  2. What tastes like summer? In late June, strawberry shortcake–a homemade biscuit split and buttered, filled with local strawberries tossed with just enough sugar to bring out their juices, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. In August, peaches macerated in wine.

    • I use the shortcake recipe from Fanny Farmer, but just because I always I have. I have no belief the recipe is better than any other biscuit/shortcake recipe. Fanny Farmer (and Marion Cunningham) advise splitting the shortcake/biscuit(s) while still warm. I agree, but my handwritten note (on a page stained with berry juice) suggests waiting five to ten minutes post oven to avoid disintegration.

  3. Two things: strawberries and iceberg lettuce. Every year, as a kid, I would count the days to the local Strawberry Festival, held at a tiny church a few miles from my home. It was always right around Father’s Day and I couldn’t wait to get there to try the berries and ice cream, or shortcake or ice cream. When the festival came, that meant that official start of (no school) summer was just around the corner.

    As far as iceberg lettuce goes, my father was a lettuce farmer. Before I started working on the farm, as a litle kid, Dad would occasionally take me down to the farm to watch harvesting and packing, or have me there with him as he took care of other matters. If we were going to be there for a while, he would get out of the truck, bend down and pick a head of lettuce. He would pull off the outer leaves and hand it to me to snack on (now that I think about it, it was probably more to keep me from feeing thirsty). I would bite through the warm outer leaves, to the cool, crunchy layers below. It is a memory I will carry with me for a long time. Lettuce means my Dad.

    • Tim, thanks for sharing your comment. What wonderful memories of your father! I also associate strawberries with my Dad. He would take us to the strawberry festival every year for fresh strawberry shortcake.Thanks for following the blog!

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