Thought for Food or Food for Thought: Saturday links

food for thought

food for thought

So many great food-related things going on that don’t necessarily involve eating so here’s a round up of the links I thought were significant:

Do you ever think about what is appropriate to take to a pot luck or the quality of food you prepare when you entertain friends? How much of these choices are shaped by class or cultural capital? Alice Julier, sociologist of food, just published: Eating-Together-Food-Friendship-Inequality. This will be a very important book for any one who is interested in how class and inequality shape dining together and social life.

Secondly, someone finally wrote what lots of us are thinking: “The Food assholes dilemma”. This also touches on class in particular and how we can’t forget that through food we can exert power and reinforce hierarchies. My favorites from this piece are ” Eat what your grandmother ate, but only the things that take so long to prepare that she gave up making them long ago. Eat food, mostly overpriced and hyper local. Drink your tea from a canning jar that your grandmother used to make pickles in the 1960s. Don’t appear to enjoy it.” What are your food rules?

Lastly, I believe food preferences and phobias are largely linked to family, childhood exposure and environment. But this piece from the Huffington Post on Adventurous Eaters’ Food Habits is worth a read as it suggests food phobias may be linked to genetics. It touches on the nature versus nurture debate and issues related why some of us are more adventurous or picky eaters than others. Do you think environment or genetics play a larger role in how we develop food preferences?

*And if you are planning a vacation soon and want to head somewhere where you can relax but also enjoy great food, it’s time to consider Vermont. I’ve always loved Burlington, and will be there next summer. But the Vermont food scene is becoming  more interesting because of all the NYC transplant chefs combined with their well established  commitment to local food. I did make it to Bluebird last summer, but can’t wait to get back.


5 thoughts on “Thought for Food or Food for Thought: Saturday links

  1. I love these posts–I always get so much great info. Burlington is a ride (flying as become such a chore I’ve got a new focus on drivable distances), but I’ve not put it near the top of the list–I will now, thought.

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