Have you been to Maison Kayser in Manhattan? Financiers and pastries for Eid

pistachio, chocolate and almond financiers

pistachio, chocolate and almond financiers

Food & Wine called the financier “God’s Perfect Cookie” (moist, small, fragrant and hopelessly addictive).

the pistachio financier

At Maison Kayser in New York, the financiers  on the upper east side are just as perfect as they are in their original Parisian bakery!  I first read about the perfect pistachio financier from David Lebovitz. He explains, “If you’ve never had financiers before, prepare yourself for a treat. But even if you’ve had them, you’ve likely never had financiers from Kayser bakery. Each little moist button is the perfect taste of ground almonds and French butter.” They could be mistaken for madeleines, but are denser, moister and just much more delicious!

Run, don’t walk, past the Laduree  to Maison Kayser.  Laduree might be a more beautiful shop, but the eclairs, financiers and bread at Kayser should not be missed!

Eric Kayser in Paris

Eric Kayser in Paris

Maison Kayser had a strict no photography policy  so I didn’t take photos on this trip to NYC, but posted a few that I took on my first trip to Paris.  If you can’t make it to the upper east side, anytime soon, Saveur published the pistachio financier recipe last year which emphasized how the egg whites and almond flour contribute to why, “despite its unassuming look, the financier is a small vessel of joy”.   I’m also on the hunt for the recipe for a chocolate financier which is also dark, decadent, and moist.

Only second to the Maison Kayser financiers are the ones at  Colson in Brooklyn.

I sent some to my niece this summer who   preferred them to Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate wafers!  So someone special is getting a delivery of Eric Kayser financiers for Eid.  Eid Mubarak!

More financiers please at Eric Kayser in Paris.

More financiers please at Eric Kayser in Paris.


12 thoughts on “Have you been to Maison Kayser in Manhattan? Financiers and pastries for Eid

  1. The Smitten Kitchen wafer is very good, but I’ve been told that both my dark chocolate sea salt shortbread and the Parisian financiers better. Have you tried the chocolate financiers? But many of these things are personal preference.

  2. Love that you’re posting on Frenchie things. Looking forward to more posts about French pastries after your trip to Paris 🙂

      • If they’ve never had French pastries, maybe an easy entry for them is an eclair or deux religieuse, which are both different kinds of cream puffs. But I hope they like brioche, financiers, etc!

  3. We lived in upstate New York for a year, but didn’t have the chance to explore many eateries. We live in Maine now, and are surrounded by seafood. I discovered your site via Grechen’s Closet, and look forward to reading more soon. Remember, you don’t have to choose between “shoe shopping and chocolate cake.” You can have both!

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