It’s time for brunch!

Do you brunch on the weekends? And what is brunch anyways besides breakfast and lunch together, as this recent article in Toronto Life explores?

Is brunch just an excuse for being lazy or decadent?

I enjoy a lovely brunch from time to time especially when the weather is perfect and I don’t have too much to get done before Monday.

seasonal omelet with smashed potatoes and greens

Brunch at the Krebs used to be an institution in Skaneateles, NY. They recently reopened after a major renovation on August 15th. This is a beautiful restaurant with a full bar, restaurant and outdoor porch.

seasonal omelet with smashed potatoes and greens

beefhashatKrebs2014Our meal began with mini-scones and muffins which were  served before our coffee arrived.

pre-meal pastries at the Krebs

pre-meal pastries at the Krebs

My husband ordered the seasonal omelet, and I ordered the hash which is actually a potato croquette of potatoes, beef, and red peppers. The menu also included eggs benedict, steak and eggs and several sweet pastry options.

Can you see the lovely poached eggs on top of the croquette?


And our sweet ending was fresh baked biscuits and….


homemade strawberry jam. Overall, it was a wonderful brunch experience.  Though the prices are higher than what you would pay in Syracuse, the ambiance is elegant and the service is flawless. I’d recommend the Krebs brunch for a special occasion. I plan to go back for a birthday brunch!




If brunch is your thing, check out my book.

And if you happen to be in Syracuse, consider my book reading on September 4th at 7pm Barnes and Nobles Dewitt, NY.


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