I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

downtown turnaround ice cream

downtown turnaround ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Or in my case I wait patiently until the temperature gets up to 75 degrees and then, and only then, I make a careful  choice between gelato, ice cream or an ice cream sandwich. The truth is I am a liker of ice cream, not a lover of ice cream. I have always treated ice cream like a sweet cold condiment.



To get to the business at hand, Gannon’s ice cream (a local and independent business) is now open in downtown Syracuse, and this opening has been much anticipated. I finally made it to the new location right next to Kabul coffee on Jefferson St at Salina. And I was told that the flavor introduced for this opening “downtown turnaround” was one I couldn’t resist. “Downtown turnaround” is a coffee ice cream with Oreos. Of course I had to try that because I love coffee, and Oreos are my favorite cookie so I had high expectations.


almost gone

Well what did I think? “Downtown turnaround” is a hard (not soft serve) ice cream. It tastes creamy and fresh. What I loved was that the Oreo chunks were large and generous and seemed to be heavily distributed throughout the ice cream. What disappointed me was that the ice cream was more like latte ice cream rather than a dark bold coffee flavor. But maybe this is just a matter of opinion because I prefer dark strong coffee (or even espresso) flavor. That being said, I’ll be back to Gannon’s try to their  crazy coffee, cappuccino crunch, chocolate bavarian torte, espresso chip and chocolate walnut!

Check out their other locally made flavors! http://www.gannonsicecream.com

Gannon's on Jefferson

Gannon’s on Jefferson