Summer Lovin: Rosalies, the Owl House, and hurrah for the CSA!

I really love Syracuse in the summer. We’ve had a very long winter and it’s up to 74, sunny and breezy this week.

This past weekend we really enjoyed a few gems not as far as Saratoga.


Upstate New York has many Italian “American” restaurants. In Syracuse alone we have Gentiles, Francescas, Pastabilities, and Frankie’s to name a few. But Rosalie’s in Skaneateles is probably the most well know Italian American restaurant in the area.

We go to Rosalie’s once every summer with good friends.

I consider this a special occasion and tend to splurge when we go here.  They have their own herb and vegetable garden that you can see outside.

Rosalie's garden

Rosalie’s garden

I ordered the organic green salad which came with roasted peppers and pine nuts in an asiago cheese basket.


And I followed this with a surf and turf entree that they created for me. The dinner consisted of a small filet, three scallops, asparagus,

and roasted fingerling potatoes. This is what I consider a celebration meal!


Also this weekend, we made a detour to Rochester. I like to get to Trader Joe’s at least once a semester and I can’t go to Rochester without a meal at the Owl House or Good Luck. Since we were going to head out during the day, I made a reservation for brunch at the Owl House. I have had mixed experiences at the Owl House including  fine dinners, good lunches and an excellent brunch. Image

This was again an excellent brunch. I wasn’t sure what to order because I was in the mood for a hearty brunch, and was hesitant about trying the tempeh. I am not a vegetarian and sometimes the meat substitutes in restaurants miss the mark.  But I had the Hash N’ Eggs (two eggs any style with Cajun Seasoned Roasted Corn & smoked tempeh potato hash, toast and marmalade). And for those of you who have an aversion to tempeh, fear not. The brunch menu has some fabulous options including Migas, french toast and Stewed Pork Shoulder & Corn Bread Waffle w/ Housemade Pickled Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Maple. Syrup.

eggs and tempeh hash at the Owl House in Rochester

eggs and tempeh hash at the Owl House in Rochester

The tempeh hash was a delicious medley of corn, potatoes and well-seasoned tempeh. I almost ordered the salted chocolate tart for dessert, but I couldn’t stop eating the toast and marmalade.

toast and marmalade

toast and marmalade

The marmalade was made in house, tart and sweet, and lovely.Image

Did I mention I love marmalade?

Last but not least, one of the many joys of summer is the weekly CSA from Daily Harvest Farm.  We are in week 2 of our CSA and I prepared this meal tonight using spinach, cilantro, and turnips from our CSA. We’re leaving town soon and I wanted to use as much produce as possible.

CSA spinach and cilantro with shrimp

CSA spinach and cilantro with shrimp

If you live in Syracuse, check out Daily Harvest Farm! Summer is really the time to eat local, folks.

Next week check back when we’ll go from Saratoga to Sarasota!


North Star in Ithaca

North Star in Ithaca

My favorite black bean and mushroom burger at Northstar in Ithaca, NY.

I love this locavore gastropub Northstar in Ithaca not only because the food is fresh and fabulous, they are committed to local food. I am quite the carnivore but this is one of the few places I am more than delighted to have a vegetarian meal because of all the local tasty options. At dinner on Thursday I had the buffalo tofu wings, the basket of fries,the black bean and portobello burger with local cheddar cheese and I finished my meal off with espresso creme caramel. It was all delicious. I always have a hard time deciding because I also love the garlic beef burger and and the bread pudding.I hope to be back later this summer for brunch!

fries and dipping sauces

Northstar has a commitment to local meat and produce within 100 miles.


If you can’t get to Northstar and Ithaca, and are craving a bean burger, do try