Thought for Food or Food for Thought: Saturday links

food for thought

food for thought

So many great food-related things going on that don’t necessarily involve eating so here’s a round up of the links I thought were significant:

Do you ever think about what is appropriate to take to a pot luck or the quality of food you prepare when you entertain friends? How much of these choices are shaped by class or cultural capital? Alice Julier, sociologist of food, just published: Eating-Together-Food-Friendship-Inequality. This will be a very important book for any one who is interested in how class and inequality shape dining together and social life.

Secondly, someone finally wrote what lots of us are thinking: “The Food assholes dilemma”. This also touches on class in particular and how we can’t forget that through food we can exert power and reinforce hierarchies. My favorites from this piece are ” Eat what your grandmother ate, but only the things that take so long to prepare that she gave up making them long ago. Eat food, mostly overpriced and hyper local. Drink your tea from a canning jar that your grandmother used to make pickles in the 1960s. Don’t appear to enjoy it.” What are your food rules?

Lastly, I believe food preferences and phobias are largely linked to family, childhood exposure and environment. But this piece from the Huffington Post on Adventurous Eaters’ Food Habits is worth a read as it suggests food phobias may be linked to genetics. It touches on the nature versus nurture debate and issues related why some of us are more adventurous or picky eaters than others. Do you think environment or genetics play a larger role in how we develop food preferences?

*And if you are planning a vacation soon and want to head somewhere where you can relax but also enjoy great food, it’s time to consider Vermont. I’ve always loved Burlington, and will be there next summer. But the Vermont food scene is becoming  more interesting because of all the NYC transplant chefs combined with their well established  commitment to local food. I did make it to Bluebird last summer, but can’t wait to get back.


Brunching in Brooklyn

The Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room

I hope everyone had a delicious Memorial day weekend! This little image of a perfect ice cream sandwich consists of a peanut butter chocolate sea salt cookie sandwiched together by the artisan chocolate ice cream at The Chocolate Room.

I ate my way through Brooklyn via brunch and pastries. I should add that brunch is my favorite meal because when else can you insist on both savory and sweet dishes? Benedict and donuts? Yes! Hash and chocolate brioche? Why not!  I thought I would share a few highlights from my favorite brunch spots in Brooklyn.

First off I had eggs Florentine and donuts at Dumont.Image I made the mistake of having my Hollandaise sauce on the side in anticipation of homemade donuts. The poached eggs were perfect and sat on two pieces of toasted brioche. And the donut holes did not disappoint.

Image The next day we brunched at the Farm on Adderly where I had the best beets, potatoes and beef hash with eggs.Image And this was followed by chocolate brioche with sea salt.

The Farm at Adderly

The Farm at Adderly

This brunch was nearly perfect, and I believe this is the best beef hash in Brooklyn. 

And since Monday was a holiday, we lucked out  in having Monday brunch at the Buttermilk Channel which is also quite the decadent meal.

Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel

We started with a side of biscuits and jam.


Travis had the corned beef hash with the greens. And I had  salmon Benedict also served on a biscuit. The Hollandaise sauce was really perfect, light and lemony and topped with fresh dill.Image

And this brunch concluded with one of the most delicious berry jam donuts I have ever had (even compared to Manhattan’s Doughnut Plant).

the jam donut at Buttermilk

the jam donut at Buttermilk

Can you see that delicious berry jam?


You must go to Buttermilk just to enjoy these sweet treats.

As if three brunches weren’t enough for one week? I also decided to order brunch for lunch Tuesday at the General Greene. The General Greene is one of my favorite spaces in Brooklyn. It has the ambiance of a general store but it’s also in the lovely neighborhood of Fort Greene. They make their own ice creams, jams and I have always loved lunch here as well.

General Greene

General Greene

The steak and eggs were great and I chose the spicy kale and breakfast potatoes for my sides.  But the biscuit and blueberry jam really made the meal.


But one should not leave Brooklyn without a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake from Ladybird Bakery. This is the best cupcake you can get in New York City. Yes, I’ve been to Magnolia’s, Crumbs, Bouchon Bakery, and Billy’s.Image But if you really love dark chocolate and wouldn’t mind an ooey gooey almost pudding like chocolate filling, don’t waste your time with those other over-hyped cupcake boutiques. Can you see that chocolate filling?


All this brunching? Remember, it’s research!

Please check back Monday after I check out the Funky Flea in Syracuse!